The energy to love your
life and your career




The energy to love your 
life and your career.

Pre-Employment Testing

Employment testing is one of the initial steps in the selection process for a variety of Dominion Energy’s positions. It allows Dominion Energy to objectively select candidates based on their likelihood for success in a position. You must apply for a position and be selected before being invited for employment testing. 

Administrative Support Testing

Dominion Energy uses Previsor Online to test a candidate's knowledge, skills and abilities as part of the selection process for clerical or administrative support positions. The tests are administered online and take approximately one hour. Since these are timed tests, try to work as quickly as possible without making mistakes. Your test score is based on both speed and accuracy.  The types of tests administered could include:  Proofreading Assessment, Clarifying and Coding Assessment, Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

Craft, Skilled Trades, and Technical Testing

We utilize the Edison Electrical Institute (EEI) battery of tests to assess candidates for our Craft, Skilled Trades, and Technical positions.  These tests are administered on-site and are scheduled.

To increase an applicant's familiarity with EEI tests and provide an opportunity to prepare for testing, the employment testing division of the Edison Electric Institute has developed practice tests. These tests resemble the real test battery in both structure and content, and taking them will help you understand what to expect during the test session.

Practice tests are for information purposes only and are not a guarantee that an applicant will be successful on a given test battery. Although a practice test will differ slightly from a real test, answers and explanations are provided at the end of each practice test for your are provided at the end of each practice test for your review. Please note that a practice test (PDF format) cannot be completed online.

To access the practice tests, visit the EEI site and enter the username "Dominion" and password "Test." Be sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. Make sure pop-up blockers are disabled.