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1 in 5 hires at Dominion Energy is a Veteran

"One in five new employees at Dominion Energy is a veteran, and in 2020 veterans made up one-seventh of our workforce. In fact, we do not simply hire veterans; we actively recruit them, because they have the qualities we want: They are high-performing team players with a strong moral compass. They work well in diverse groups to overcome tough challenges—and they will not quit until the mission is complete"   

Robert M. Blue - President and CEO 

Throughout our lengthy history of service to our communities, Dominion Energy has made support for the military, veterans and their families a priority. Check out our numerous medals, accolades, and awards as proof!

We have a long history of supporting our Veterans

We Care about You and Your Family

Our Benefits Include:

•   100% salary differential for up to 5 years for deployed military employees.
•   Benefits to cover deployed reservists and their dependents.
•   Paid time off for Guard and Reserve duty on top of vacation and sick leave.
•   $5,000 Student Veteran Scholarship Award recognizing 5 interns/co-ops for their military service.
•   Dominion Energy Veterans Network, an employee resource group

Add Value, Every Day

Dominion Energy, an award-winning military employer, recognizes and honors those who have served in the military. We know you've worked hard to gain special knowledge and skills. We also know that a leap from a military career to a civilian job can be an adjustment. Come to Dominion Energy and put your skills to work in a rewarding career!

More Than a Job

There are a number of resources which may help you translate your military occupations and skills to civilian jobs and careers.  Some you may want to review are:

O*Net OnLine:  O*Net Online provides a military crosswalk matching military occupations and skills to civilian jobs.

Troops to Energy Jobs:  Troops to Energy Jobs has mapped certain military occupations to jobs in the Energy industry.  


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